Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you make vegan items?

ALL of our baked goods are gluten-free AND vegan (dairy-free, egg-free, and free from all animal products). There is no gluten, dairy, or eggs used in our kitchen at any time.

Q. Do you have a regular menu?

We have some items that stay on the menu pretty regularly (such as the cookie dough sandwiches and snickerdoodles), but we have no intention of having the same menu every week. Over the past few years prior to opening the store, our menu has been a revolving door.  We've found this to be the preference of most customers, but it also makes baking more enjoyable for the owner who spends about 50-60 hours a week baking. If she had to make the same items every single week, this job would get boring really quick.

Q. Do you offer catering?

Not at this time.

Q. Do you take custom orders?

Eventually we will have options for custom orders on our website. We just recently opened the store front and are trying to get a handle on that before we take anything else on. We don't have a date that we will start taking custom orders again, but our website will be updated when we do.  Please note that this also includes pre-orders. We can't take orders for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. for the time being. We will, however, have pre-orders available for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Q. Do you make lunch/deli items?

No. We only make baked goods and do not serve ready-to-eat foods like sandwiches.

Q. Do you sell bread?

Yes. We sell gluten-free vegan sourdough bread from Gluten-Off Bakery. The loaves are delivered fresh every weekend.

Q. Do you make paleo items?

VERY rarely. Paleo items have not been a high demand from our customers. If we see this demand increase, we will start making paleo options more often.

Q. Can you make items nut-free?

We can make items that don't contain nut ingredients, however we cannot guarantee it is nut-free due to a high possibility of cross-contamination. PLEASE do not purchase from us if you or a loved one has a serious nut allergy of any kind. This is the one allergy we cannot cater to at all.

Q. What sweeteners do you use?

For most items, we use organic cane sugar. For keto items, we use mainly allulose, but also erythritol and stevia in some items. For paleo items, we use coconut sugar, maple syrup, and sometimes dates.

Q. What kind of flour do you use?

Our main gluten-free flour blend contains rice flour and sorghum flour. For keto and paleo items, we use almond flour and rarely coconut flour (depending on the recipe).

Q. Do you have the nutritional information for each item?

No. Our menu changes frequently and we would not have the time to calculate nutritional information for new items every week.

Q. Do you use artificial food dyes?

We try to use natural food dyes (derived from vegetables) whenever possible. But they don't work in some items (red velvet, for example, which ends up tasting like beets when using natural dye), and due to cost, we can't always use natural dyes. Cookie kits are usually not artificial dye-free because the cost would be exponentially more. Feel free to ask which items are dye-free at the bakery when you visit.

Q. Are your items corn-free?

Currently, the powdered sugar that we use contains corn starch, so anything with frosting will contain corn. Be sure to ask which items contain corn before ordering.

Q. Are your items soy-free?

The vegan butter we use primarily recently changed their recipe to use soy lecithin instead of sunflower lecithin. We’re hoping they change the recipe back at some point, but for the time being, the majority of our items use that butter, and therefore contain soy lecithin. Be sure to ask if we have anything soy-free before ordering.

Q. Do you use oats in your products?

Yes. Not all items contain oats, but we do use oat milk (certified gluten-free, of course), in several items, as well as rolled oats in our oatmeal cream pies.  And since our menu changes frequently, there could be items in the future that contain oats. Be sure to ask before ordering.

Q. Do you have an ingredient list on-line?

Not at this time. Due to how much the menu changes, it would be too difficult to constantly update this online every week. Feel free to message us or ask in person and about ingredients if there’s something you’re trying to avoid.

We look forward to serving you!

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